What makes the Picanto steering wheel stiff

    Your car’s steering system is one of its most essential components. Without it, cars can only drive in a straight line, and what use would a car be if it doesn’t go where you want it to go? With that in mind, a problem with your steering system hampers your car’s performance, and puts your personal safety at risk. Just imagine what would happen when you need to make a turn or change lanes and then have your steering suddenly become hard to turn or, heaven forbid, get locked up. The results could be catastrophic.


    Start by checking tyre pressure If very low, that can make the steering heavier.

    If your car has electric power steering, depending on the design, a failure of the motor will increase effort needed, as will failure of the city/highway switch or the pump if a hybrid system.

    Excessive tracking errors can make the steering feel ‘wrong’ & that can include having it feel heavier. Sudden change in the weight of the steering for this reason could be because of damage.

    Then look at siezed steering components (track-rod ends, steering box or rack, top-mount, bottom ball-joint, etc.).

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