How do you use a Kia Picanto steering wheel?

    The Kia Picanto steering wheel is the part of the steering system that is manipulated by the driver; the rest of the steering system responds to such driver inputs. This can be through direct mechanical contact as in recirculating ball or rack and pinion steering gears, without or with the assistance of hydraulic power steering, HPS, or as in some modern production cars with the assistance of computer-controlled motors, known as Electric Power Steering.

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    Electric power steering (If equipped)

    Power steering uses the motor to assist you in steering the vehicle. If the engine is off or if the power steering system becomes inoperative, the vehicle may still be steered, but it will require increased steering effort.

    The motor driven power steering is controlled by the power steering control unit which senses the steering wheel torque, steering wheel position and vehicle speed to command the motor

    The steering wheel becomes heavier as the vehicle’s speed increases and becomes lighter as the vehicle’s speed decreases for better control of the steering wheel.

    Should you notice any change in the effort required to steer during normal vehicle operation, have the system checked by a professional workshop. Kia recommends to visit an authorised Kia dealer/service partner.


    The following symptoms may occur during normal vehicle operation:

    • The steering effort is high immediately after turning the ignition switch on. This happens as the system performs the EPS system diagnostics. When the diagnostics is completed, the steering wheel will return to its normal condition.
    • If the Electric Power Steering System does not operate normally, the warning light will illuminate on the instrument cluster.
    • The steering effort increases if the steering wheel is rotated continuously when the vehicle is not in motion. However, after a few minutes, it will return to its normal conditions.

    Tilt steering (If equipped)

    A tilt steering wheel allows you to adjust the steering wheel before you drive. You can also raise it to give your legs more room when you exit and enter the vehicle. The steering wheel should be positioned so that it is comfortable for you to drive, whilst permitting you to see the instrument panel warning lights and gauges.


    • Never adjust the angle of the steering wheel whilst driving. You may lose steering control and cause severe personal injury, death or accidents.
    • After adjusting, push the steering wheel both up and down to be certain it is locked in position.

    To change the steering wheel angle, pull down the lock release lever, adjust the steering wheel to the desired angle, then pull up the lock-release lever to lock the steering wheel in place. Be sure to adjust the steering wheel to the desired position before driving.

    Heated steering wheel (if equipped)

    When the ignition switch is in the ON position, pressing the heated steering wheel button warms the steering wheel. The indicator on the button will illuminate. To turn the steering wheel off, press the button once again. The indicator on the button will turn off. It will turn off automatically approximately 30 minutes after the heated steering wheel is turned on.

    If you turn off the ignition within 30 minutes after pressing the steering wheel heater button, from next ignition ON, the heater will be OFF.


    To sound the horn, press the horn symbols on your steering wheel. Check the horn regularly to be sure it operates properly.

    Do not strike the horn severely to operate it, or hit it with your fist. Do not press on the horn with a sharp-pointed object.

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