KIA Picanto Instrument Panel Overview

    Getting an overview about the Kia Picanto Instrument Panel to learn about display and message functions to get the most out of your vehicle.

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    Intrument Panel of Kia Picanto

    Kia Picanto Accessories

    1. Instrument cluster
    2. Horn
    3. Driver’s front air bag
    4. Wiper / Washer (For Europe) – Light control/Turn signals (Except Europe)
    5. Light control/Turn signals (For Europe)- Wiper / Washer (Except Europe)
    6. Ignition switch – ENGINE START/STOP button
    7. LCD window control – Cruise control – Speed limit control
    8. Steering wheel audio control
    9. Hazard warning flasher switch
    10. Audio
    11. Manual climate control system – Automatic climate control system
    12. Cigarette lighter
    13. AUX, USB port
    14. Power outlet
    15. Glove box
    16. Shift lever M/T – Shift lever A/T
    17. Seat warmer
    18. ISG (Idle Stop and Go) button
    19. Heated steering wheel switch
    20. Centre console storage
    21. Cup holder
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